We are taking an active stance on the environment by making sustainable choices whenever possible and in balance with our size and footprint. Because we care about the planet.

In short, our sustainability strategy is build around 3 pillars:

  • Sustainable and recycled fabrics and materials to limit environmental impact
  • Slow fashion to reduce waste both as a company and at consumer end
  • Fair trade or proven code of conduct to ensure proper working environment

We use sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, to minimize environmental impact. Our cotton and cotton blends are certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and OCS (Organic Content Standard). While our suppliers are GOTS certified, we can not yet claim GOTS OCS on our final products, as the Wandall company itself is not yet GOTS certified. few of our styles are not yet ready to be produced using organic or recycled materials due to our small size, but that will change as we grow.

All our packaging materials are made from sustainable materials, either recycled plastic or FSC® certified paper (hang tags and labels). We do use extra paper in packaging material though, e.g. including a return label, to ensure a good and easy customer experience

We work with high quality and tested fabrics to ensure a long lifetime of our styles. while we seek inspiration in trends and seasonal colours, we keep it timeless too by basing the majority of our collection on classic trends and colours. Keeping it timeless means longer wear over several seasons, but without going out of fashion.

We intentionally limit and carefully select our collection, working with two seasons: hot and cold weather. We actively involve our target customer group in development of our designs to ensure we meet their preferences and limit waste.

Our collection is produced in India by a fair-trade certified supplier ensuring that workers get fair payment. We accept supplier offered prices as we want to support a fair-trade relationship. Our supplier is not only offering fair payment, but also a number of social benefits for their workers.

You have more opportunities to make a difference with your clothing choices than you might think. buying our clothes is your obvious choice, and here are some more of our best tips to dress sustainably:

  • Support a clothing company that uses certified sustainable materials – whether that is Wandall or another brand
  • Trust that the slightly higher price of sustainable choices and fair trade is also more likely to mean higher quality and that you are likely to have it for longer.
  • Use less detergent when washing to reduce water pollution. Your clothes will still get clean (especially if you use detergent with enzymes).
  • Wash at 30⁰ C and avoid tumble drying. You will save energy and extend the lifetime of your clothes. Our care labels will always include these recommendations.
  • Recycle your clothes when you are finished with them

We are working towards our own global organic textile standard (GOTS) certification within the next 1-2 years, not just using certified materials and suppliers. We aim to donate part of our company earnings to charities and projects that we believe in and align with. It is our firm belief that together we can make the world better if we all make small contributions.